Happy fish in sparkling water

We have been on a trip to the Mekong Delta. A trip that didn’t completely turn out to be what we expected. In the folder there were beautiful texts about boat rides through idyllic floating markets and something about happy fish swimming in sparkling water but the truth was that during these two days we were on a boat for approximately 1,5 hour, we technically saw a floating market (but it consisted of 5 boats) and after that we were in a bus for 7 hours! towards our floating hotel. We would have preferred this to be the other way around but well, luckily we also saw some beautiful things and had some funny experiences.

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1. The German couple
You can always get some fun out of watching the other people on the tour/ Well we had a German couple that provided us with some fun. He was your typical big fat guy that went out for food everywhere he went. She was complaining about everything. In the end we got our laugh because he broke his chair on the boat on the Mekong delta. The guide tried to save the situation by saying these things happen all the time. Well maybe but fact is this country is just not equipped for people like him

2. Power out.
What do you do when you go out for dinner and there is a power out? Well we were hungry so we just kept going and searched for a restaurant. Of course this happened to be the only time we did have the German guy with us but we still managed to find something. We found a lamppost with a flashlight hanging from it on the side of a busy road. Underneath there was a guy barbequing like nothing happened. Without other options the choice was simple so we sat down on kids chairs for some real street food surrounded by honking cars and motorbikes and an occasional cockroach. The probability of injury by traffic or the food was serious.. but hey… living on the edge

3. Practicing Vietnamese
When you know you are going to be stuck in a bus without aircon for at least 7 hours you better find something to do. We found this to be the perfect time to practise our Vietnamese. Hello, Oh my God and That’s expensive! Were pretty easy but “Tôi không nói tiếng Việt” turned out to be a larger challenge. There were a bunch of Vietnamese people in the front of the bus that have been looking at us with a smile while we were practising. At this last sentence there was a discussion going on about what we could possibly mean with this. We kept at it and when they finally figured out we tried to say “I don’t speak Vietnamese” the whole front of the bus erupted in laughter. Well… we saw it as a sign of improvement but we better keep practising.