Temptation Island Mui Ne

Loud music, cheap alcohol and a pool filled with young beautiful flirting people, by arriving in Mui Ne backpackers village I have never felt so old. Our first thought was that we would be out of there by morning since this was really nit our scene.

After ceremoniously being dumped of the bus (I literally stood at the side of the road barefoot with the luggage while my flip flops were thrown at me from an already driving bus) a dip in the pool was on the top of our priority list so before check in we changed in our bikinis in the luggage storage room and made a bee line to the pool.

Loud music, beautiful people, and cheap alcohol made a perfect setting for flirting and it did not take long before I found myself in a real life episode of temptation Island. Couples with matching Calvin Klein bikini and swim shorts (and matching CK bodies) posing on the edge of the pool while girls with perfect bodies swam by in slow motion. Boys playfully splashing young sunbathing girls while they were recounting the events of the night before made me feel like a 50 year old cameraman, observing and unwilling and incapable to participate. The average age seemed to be around 20-24 year old and while I stepped from the pool on to a beach chair searching for factor 50 sunscreen I could almost hear these young people thinking what this old aunt like person was doing here.

However 13.00 came and the bus to Ho Chi Minh city left and so did the young perfect crowd from the pool. Apparently Mui Ne is a two day stop on the three week Vietnam North to South route and the majority of the crowd changes every two days. Luckily for us, today was that day.

De rest of the week it turned out that most of the people in the hostel were really nice and fun but also temptation island season 2, 3 and 4 made their appearance, however none of it could come close to the experience of day one. While we visited some nice places like the sand dunes, the harbour and the fairy stream, went mudding (me) or went kite surfing (obviously not me) they drink, flirt, kiss go out and in the morning recover from their hangovers while bragging about their conquests. We grew into the cool aunts as we made some friends. It was fun to watch (everyone deserves their phase) and we had a great time  in the sun (and even wished we were younger sometimes) but the aunties are moving on.


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